Committee Members

The committee is currently made up of eight members from Weston-on-the-Green and the surrounding community. Each member brings a different set of skills and a unique perspective.

  • Sam Sharp (Committee Chair)
  • Alice Hillier-Tattersall (Treasurer)
  • Clive Hamilton-Gould
  • Paul Beecroft
  • Fiona Spensley
  • Amanda Goodger
  • Sarah May
  • Linda Allinson
  • Vacancy (Secretary / Administrator)

We need to recruit a secretary/administrator to the committee – this would be someone to facilitate/organise our committee meetings and take minutes. They would also be responsible for maintaining the register of members of the Society and organising the AGM. If you think you could help out with this, please let us know.

Interested in joining the committee or acting as a special advisor – please do Contact Us.