Community Ownership Fund Update

Today, the 17th November 2023, we received the following update from the Community Ownership Fund:

We are writing to update you on your application to the Community Ownership Fund, Round 3 Window 2, which closed on 11th October. 

We have now completed assessment of all applications, and are moving into the next stage of moderation and due diligence checks.

Following this, the shortlist of fundable bids will then undergo the Ministerial decision-making process. Further details on the decision-making process for COF can be found here: Community Ownership Fund: explanatory note on decision-making.

We intend to inform all applicants of application outcomes by the end of December 2023.

Thank you for your interest in the Fund.

COF Team

As we expected, we’re not expecting to know the result of our Community Ownership Fund application until the end of December, after the deadline of our Share Offer on the 13th December.

It’s important that if you’re thinking about supporting us by buying community shares, you must do so before the 13th December.

We’re doing fantastically well so far – with around £75,000 raised from Community Shares and approximately another £5,000 raised from donations between the 40 or so of you that have supported our campaign. This is over 30% of our ‘ideal’ raise target of £250,000 with three and a half weeks to go!

Please help us by spreading the word, it really makes all the difference.

If you have any questions – please reach out to us.