Share Offer

Community Shares are a great way of funding projects that benefit the community. They enable communities to invest in projects that matter to them and can be used to save local shops and pubs.

Weston SOS Limited wants to bring the Weston Pantry into community ownership to secure its long-term future as a vital asset for the residents and businesses of Weston-on-the-Green and the surrounding community.

Key Information

  • Share Offer Dates:
    • 1st November to 31st January 2024
    • Weston SOS Limited reserves the right to extend the offer if we are just short of one of our targets.
  • Targets
    • Minimum – £105,000
    • Target – £250,000
    • Maximum – £405,000
    • Any amount raised over the minimum share raise will reduce the commercial financing required and allow for an increased benefit to go to the local community (either as interest on shares or increased support for community projects) and saving the Society money in the process (mortgage fees and interest).
  • Share Offer Structure
    • Share Value – £1
    • Minimum Shareholding – £100 (100 shares)
    • Maximum Shareholding – £40,000*

* The rules of the Community Shares Standard Mark are such that no single investor can invest more than 10% of the total capital raised and so this value is ultimately dependent upon the total raised by the share issue, but in any event will not exceed £40,000

How to Apply

Our share offer is now closed. We cannot accept any further applications.

Share Offer Document

Business Plan

Community Share Standard Mark

Weston SOS Limited’s share offer has been awarded the Community Shares Standard Mark by the Community Shares Unit.

The Community Shares Standard Mark is awarded by the
Community Shares Unit to offers that meet national standards
of good practice.

For more information about community shares, the Community
Shares Standard Mark and the Community Shares Unit go to:

Risk to Capital

Due care and attention has been taken in preparing this offer document. The process was overseen by the Weston SOS Limited Management Committee who can vouch that the information it contains is in accordance with the facts available and that there are no known omissions likely to affect the viability of the business.

If you want any advice, you should consult with an independent financial adviser authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. It should be noted that members of community benefit societies do not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

The purchase of shares is at full risk and if the business fails it is possible that you will never recover the full value of your shareholding or may even lose it completely. Should Weston SOS Limited experience financial difficulties: we may not be in a position to pay interest; we may have to suspend investors’ rights to withdraw shares; and investors may lose some or all the money paid for shares.

As Weston SOS Limited has been incorporated with limited liability, the liability of its members is limited to the amount paid for their shares.

Please read the Community Share Offer document together with our Business Plan and Society rules which can be found online at or in print from the Weston Shop and Pantry before you apply to buy community shares.