Pledge Your Support

As part of our survey, we asked people to indicate how much they would be willing donate or invest to help save the Shop and Post Office. We deliberately didn’t provide a lot of information about what each option meant – we didn’t want to bias the survey towards a specific option.

We now need a more concrete figure of how much money we can raise from the local community and at our Public Consultation in July, we launched our pledge form to allow the local community to make a commitment to financially support our plan for community ownership of the Shop and PO. These pledges are key to securing other sources of funding.

We expect to need to raise a minimum of £105,000 in community shares, subject to identifying sufficient other sources of funding.

For more information about community shares – please see our Community Ownership and Share Offer page.

The pledges are non-binding, but we ask you to be responsible in your submission.

Privacy Notice: All pledges should be returned directly to the committee chair (, postal address is on the pledge form below). Individual pledges will be treated confidentially and be known only to the chair. Only total pledge amounts will be shared with the committee/publicly.

Online Pledge Form

    Offline Pledge Form